Apple’s green bonds funded a total of 17 renewable projects in 2020

Green bonds are issued to back projects that have positive environmental and climate benefits

Apple CEO urges action on climate change at UN’s Climate Ambition Summit

In a speech at the UN’s Climate Ambition Summit, Tim Cook said that every leader has a burden at a time of ‘historic urgency’

Apple unveils new iPhone model made using ‘100% recycled rare earth elements’

The tech giant says the iPhone12 was designed with the environment in mind

Apple ‘dodges MP’s questions’ about its true sustainability credentials

The tech giant cancelled its appearance at the EAC’s Electronic Waste and the Circular Economy inquiry on short notice and has not answered letters written since

Apple supports its net zero targets with new wind farm investment

The tech giant will invest in the construction of two of the ‘world’s largest’ onshore wind turbines

Viewpoint: Getting to the core of Apple’s climate pledge

Why are we all frantically tweeting about Apple’s carbon-neutral pledge?

Major Taiwanese key Apple supplier joins RE100 clean energy initiative

The commitment comes after signing the ‘world’s largest corporate power purchase agreement’ from a 920MW offshore wind farm being developed off the Taiwanese coast

Wind and solar farm to power Apple’s data centre in Oregon

When combined, the two projects can generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of more than 60,000 homes

Apple commits to carbon-neutrality across entire business, supply chain and products by 2030

The company is already carbon neutral today across its global corporate operations but the firm plans to reach a point where its devices have ‘no carbon impact’

Apple invests in three Chinese wind farms

The technology giant’s China Clean Energy Fund aims to help accelerate its journey to sustainability, along with its suppliers