UK and Bangladesh sign Climate Accord

Both countries have agreed to work together in battling climate change

Government launches £20m hydrogen competition

The money will be given to businesses and innovators looking at easier ways to implement hydrogen into the energy mix

‘Green trade key to cut Russian ties’ says Trade Secretary

She is putting a huge emphasis on ensuring the UK is a leader in green commerce

UK signs £1.7bn clean transport deal with Turkey

It marks the UK government’s largest ever sustainable civil infrastructure deal

UK hosts African conference on green transition

The UK will look to increase investment opportunities across the continent and help push forward cleaner infrastructure

UK provides £217m to fund largest Turkish solar project

The 1.35GW facility is the size of 4,600 football pitches and will provide two million Turkish households with renewable energy

UKESC taskforce launched to accelerate low carbon economy

It will be co-chaired by Anne-Marie Trevelyan and aims to improve the technologies and skills needed to fuel a green economy

UK Energy Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan sets out key priorities for net zero

She said: ‘There is a huge journey to go on and by the time we publish the Net Zero Strategy ahead of COP26, we’ll have a much more detailed picture of what that route map looks like’