‘Keeping animals in zoos breeds global warming’

Researchers claim keeping polar bears in captivity is not just an issue for their welfare but for carbon emissions too

Cigarette-style packaging to turn off meat eaters

Research has found changing the labels of meat would reduce consumption

Royal menus stripped of foie gras

King Charles has reaffirmed a ban on the controversial French delicacy

Fish poachers apprehended!

Four men found with illegal instruments to poach fish have been detained by the EA

‘Around 50,000 wild species key to survival of billions worldwide’

The question is how do you use them sustainably?

‘Stop ignoring biodiversity loss’ – Sir Patrick Vallance

The Head of Government Science is calling for more action from the world to stop the extinction of species

UK to protect endangered animals from poaching

To protect biodiversity and end the illegal trade £7m is being given to 22 projects worldwide

Humpback whales at mercy of climate change

After recovering from human hunting over centuries, the species may now face the peril of global warming

UK enforces ivory trade ban

The regulation will boost animal welfare, protecting elephants from poaching

KFC under fire for chicken farming

A new video has been published claiming it is ‘misleading’ the public when it comes to the conditions of its chickens