UK sees ‘strong import’ of power this week

The UK has seen a “strong import” of power so far this month against predictions from the previous week. Energy supplier npower made the suggestion in its weekly market report following news about the UK-France electricity interconnector back in operation after recent outage issues. Sammy Blay, Client Portfolio Manager at npower’s Optimisation Desk said stronger […]

Sewage waste used for paper and plastic

Sewage is now being turned into raw materials used by paper and plastic industries around the globe, thanks to a new innovation. Developed by Israeli firm Applied Cleantech, the ‘Sewage Recycling System’ (SRS) recycles the solids, also called “sludge”, in sewage systems and converts them into consumer products. These are then used as a base […]

Obama vows military energy independence

US President Barack Obama’s administration said they were committed to get energy independence for the nation’s military last week. During a tour of the USS Monterey (pictured), a missile cruiser, US Agriculture Secretary who works towards implementing the President’s plans, said advanced biofuels would be vital in reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil. Mr Tom […]

UN calls on nations to adopt drought policies

The UN agencies are urging the nations around the world to adopt drought-management policies. The message from the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) follows America’s experience of the worst droughts in decades and farmers from Africa to India struggling due to lack of rainfall. The WMO said the US drought and its ripple effects on global […]

Shell to invest $1bn in China’s shale gas

Royal Dutch Shell plans to invest around $1billion (£633million) a year in China’s shale gas resources, according to reports. The move is part of its strategy to expand in the world’s biggest energy market, with reports claiming China is estimated to hold the world’s largest reserves of unconventional gas. Earlier this year, the firm secured […]

Reporter’s Blog: How dare we lecture China on emissions?

We sophisticated, tech-savvy Brits like to pride ourselves on having the latest flashy gadgets and gizmos. The latest iPhone? Check. Shiny, hulking jeep? Check. Brand new flat screen telly? Check! Where do we buy them? The local Carphone Warehouse, car dealer, Argos – all on British high streets. But where are these desirable ‘must-haves’ made? And how […]

New energy apps to help consumers understand their usage

Ever wondered how much energy your house uses? Soon people in America may be able to check it from their mobile phones! The US Energy Department is launching the ‘Apps for Energy’ contest, which will offer cash prizes for creating energy related applications to be accessed via phones and other online mediums. The new contest […]

Obama and Cameron work on fuel prices

The UK and America could work together using reserve oil supplies to bring down fuel prices. Prime Minister David Cameron, who has been on a visit to the United States this week, said he and the President wanted to “smooth out” oil prices. Experts however, aren’t so sure releasing supplies would have much effect. Reports […]

US economists urge Obama to push for global carbon tax

President Barack Obama should press for a global carbon tax, a Nobel Prize-winning Harvard economist has told ELN. Professor Eric S. Maskin from the Department of Economics at Harvard University suggested America should even adopt a carbon tax, like Europe has, to “set a good example” to the rest of the world. The comments come […]

Largest solar farm in Texas activated

The largest solar farm in America is finally providing electricity after the ribbon cutting ceremony in Texas a few days ago. The 30-megawatt solar power plant is expected to produce more than 61 million kWh of clean solar energy in the first year of operation alone. Lee Leffingwell, Mayor of Austin said: “The City of […]