Green digital asset MCO2 token listed on crypto platform

MCO2, which was launched by environmental platform MOSS in March 2020, is equivalent to one carbon credit

Amazon pledges investment in carbon removal solutions in Brazil

It is expected to help restore native rainforests and remove up to 10m metric tons of carbon emissions through 2050

India becomes first Asian country to launch Plastics Pact

A total of 27 businesses and supporting organisations have signed up as founding members of the India Plastics Pact, with support from the UK

TotalEnergies and Amazon announce strategic collaboration

TotalEnergies will contribute to Amazon’s commitment to power its operations with 100% renewable energy

Amazon becomes ‘largest renewable energy buyer in US’

In total, the multinational has invested in more than 6GW of renewable energy across the US through 54 projects

Disney and Google among businesses launching initiative to scale climate solutions

The IPCC estimates achieving a low carbon transition will require $1.6tn to $3.8tn annually between 2016 and 2050 for the supply-side energy system alone

Visa pledges to reach net zero by 2040

The firm aims to become a climate-positive company through new partnerships and initiatives

Amazon becomes ‘Europe’s largest’ renewable energy buyer

Its nine new projects will help it reach its aim of being powered by 100% renewable energy by 2025

Shell and Eneco agree to provide Amazon with power from subsidy-free offshore wind farm

The Amazon-Shell HKN Offshore Wind Project will be operated by The CrossWind consortium, a joint venture between the two energy firms

Amazon becomes ‘world’s largest’ corporate purchaser of renewable energy

The tech giant’s renewable energy investments to date will supply 6.5GW of electricity production capacity – enough to power 1.7 million US homes annually