Alok Sharma says the “COP system is delivering”

“This conference must be about concrete action,” he said on COP27

Rishi Sunak to call for accelerated renewable energy transition at COP27

He travelled to Egypt yesterday after a U-turn on his earlier decision to not attend the event

Boris ‘plans to go to COP27’ as Alok Sharma slams Rishi’s decision

It is still unclear if the former Prime Minister will attend the COP27 as part of the official government delegation

Alok Sharma: “Government must explain how new oil and gas is consistent with net zero”

The COP26 was questioned by MPs on progress in fighting climate change just a few hours before leaving his ministerial role

Alok Sharma leaves ministerial role but remains COP26 President

Alok Sharma will still negotiate on behalf of the UK at the coming COP27

Egypt warn UK not to ‘backtrack’ on climate goals

This is following the announcement King Charles will not attend COP27 next month

COP President says King Charles is needed at COP27

This is after it was revealed he would not attend following supposed advice from the PM

Alok Sharma affirms UK commitment to Asian climate goals

He has visited Vietnam and Indonesia to keep the Glasgow Climate Pact alive

Alok Sharma visits India for COP27 progress

This is ahead of India’s G20 Presidency in December

COP26 President: “I may quit if new PM dumps net zero pledge”

As the race for the new Prime Minister continues, Alok Sharma has said the green agenda is necessary to avert “incredible damage”