Budweiser backs hydrogen beer

It has partnered to have the largest brewery in Lancashire powered by green hydrogen

How long can your booze last?

Knowing how long your drink lasts can stop waste, research suggests

Pub expects energy bills to more than double

This is without any government support

Scotch whiskey to hit net zero by 2040

The Association representing the industry has made the pledge

Climate change could be good for British wine

Soon enough your corkscrew could be opening a local bottle of vino

Irish Distillery to become carbon-neutral by 2026

It would be the first in the country to do so

Guinness launches new farming pilot to cut carbon footprint

Regenerative farming trials will be implemented on 40 different Irish barley farms

Owner of Budweiser and Corona commits to net zero by 2040

AB InBev has set 2025 sustainability goals validated by the SBTi

Can we genetically modify beer to protect biodiversity?

New research finds that breeding yeast for the best-tasting beers could save energy and enhance biodiversity

Budweiser to pilot new beer can with lowest carbon footprint in Europe

The can is produced using 100% renewable electricity and ultra-low carbon recycled aluminium