Etihad partners with Microsoft to drive sustainable action

The airline has set a net zero goal of 2050 and will use Microsoft’s technologies to help set the correct targets to achieve this

Virgin Australia commits to net zero by 2050

The airline is looking to up its use of SAF, cut out single-use plastics and offset the emissions it cannot easily mitigate

Lufthansa first customer of carbon-neutral and electricity-based aviation fuel

The airline has committed to buying 25,000 litres of the fuel each year for the next five years

ANA commits to achieving net zero emissions by 2050

The airline has set to accomplish this by increasing its use of sustainable fuels, developing engines with higher fuel efficiency and offsetting

US airline achieves carbon-neutrality for all its domestic flights

JetBlue estimates to offset eight million tonnes of CO2 every year

British Airways bids farewell to entire 747 fleet in favour of fuel-efficient aircraft

The airline vows to focus on more sustainable flights, which it hopes will help it achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050

Rolls-Royce and Norwegian airline team up for zero emission flights

The project aims to develop an electrical aircraft concept to replace Widerøe’s regional fleet of more than 30 planes by 2030

Other airlines soar above Qantas in efficiency rankings

  Qantas is the most emissions-intensive airline operating across the Pacific. That’s according to the International Council on Clean Transportation, which says the airline uses the two most fuel-intensive aircraft and carries the most empty seats of any transpacific airline. The group says for each kilometre Qantas transports a passenger across the Pacific, it uses […]

We’ll ground planes in winter to save fuel again – Ryanair

Budget airline Ryanair intends to ground some of its planes in winter again to save jet fuel, it said this week. After keeping 80 aircraft from flying over the winter months last year it plans to ground around 60 in the coming winter. The airline says fuel costs in the year running up to March […]

High-flying execs pressure United Airlines for green commitments

You might thing high-flying executives are more likely to demand a martini in first class – but a group of American execs are calling on their airline to be good to the environment. North American airlines have historically been stubborn in the face of environmental regulation both from federal government and abroad. The EU’s move to bring […]