Etihad’s net zero aims labelled ‘greenwashing’

An Australian watchdog has slammed the airline’s recent climate-based advertisements

EasyJet to stop offsetting carbon from December

The airline will look to use SAF and hydrogen technology to cut carbon

Lufthansa offers customers carbon-neutral fare

This can be purchased for any level of flight

Co2mission: Turkish Airlines launches carbon offsetting scheme

The Co2mission initiative aims to balance the emissions caused by all business trips from the airline’s personnel and enable consumers to fly more environmentally conscious on a voluntary basis

United buys 300m gallons of SAF and adds plant-based menu

The airline has committed to net zero by 2050

easyJet partners on hydrogen aviation venture

It hopes to have customers flying in hydrogen-powered planes by the end of the decade

Ryanair pledges to hit net zero by 2050

It is increasing its use of SAF and procuring new planes to cut down carbon emissions

Boom Supersonic to build $500m aircraft ‘superfactory’ in North Carolina

Boom’s Overture aircraft – which will cruise at supersonic speeds, cutting many flight times in half – is designed to run on 100% sustainable aviation fuels

Qantas to use SAF for London flights from next month

It has signed an agreement to purchase 10 million litres of the fuel from bp

United flies 100 passengers with SAF in ‘first for industry’

The airline flew the passengers from Chicago to Washington using 100% SAF in one of the engines