‘World’s first’ hydrogen double-decker bus fleet revealed in Aberdeen

The 15 hydrogen buses are expected to embark on their journeys next month

In Focus: Are EVs really green?

Why do we need EVs? Will they really create a cleaner planet?

West Midlands Ambulance Service launches ‘UK’s first’ fully electric ambulance

Fitted in the underside of the ambulance floor pan, a 96kW battery pack will provide a top speed of 75mph

Biogen to invest $250m to end fossil fuel use by 2040

The biotechnology company achieved carbon-neutrality in 2014

Canterbury City Council adds first-ever EV to its fleet

The local authority has set out plans to electrify its fleet to improve air quality

Bristol City Council rolls out free EV loans for businesses

Businesses and organisations in the area can borrow one of 64 EVs for up to two months to test whether it would work for them

German micromobility operator launches ‘first-ever’ e-scooter with swappable batteries

The new e-scooter model enables​ ​riders to exchange batteries​ at charging stations, allowing them to earn free rides

Oxford Council to become ‘first UK local authority to set out city-wide air pollution reduction target’

The local authority will introduce a new local annual NO2 target of 30µg/m3 by 2025 stricter than the current legal of 40µg/m3

AGL becomes ‘first Australian company’ to join EV100 initiative

The Australian energy company has committed to shifting its entire 400 vehicle fleet to EVs by 2030

UK to launch new legally-binding environmental targets by end of 2022

The goals will focus on the improvement of biodiversity, air and water quality as well as reduction of waste