Backlash from environmental farming review

The government’s green subsidy reward scheme for farmers is on hold

Climate change could give farming companies a $150bn loss

That’s according to a report by the UN’s Race to Zero campaign

UK launches investigation to quash methane emissions

This is for agriculture, which represented 10% of all UK emissions in 2019

Farming robots to boost clean yields?

Robotic farmers and AI are set to gain £16.5m in government support

Carlsberg hopes to brew net zero operations and supply chain by 2040

The brewing giant is also aiming to achieve a zero packaging waste and zero farming footprint

Food companies come together for COP27

They are looking to make the next conference the ‘Food COP’

‘Weather extremes could destabilise entire socioeconomic systems’

Energy, health and agriculture sectors are those likely to see the worst cascading effects of extreme weather, according to a new study

Is Britain’s carbon-neutrality a chicken and egg situation?

Morrisons has introduced “carbon-neutral” eggs from hens fed on insects – which are in turn fed on food waste

Italy’s €1.2bn scheme to support solar investments in agriculture granted EU approval

The scheme, which will run until 30th June 2026, will back agricultural, breeding and agro-industrial companies to invest in the use of renewable energy

Government boosts sustainable farming with £12.5m

A new machine is set to be launched, turning methane emissions into a clean power source for farms