Climate change could mean bye bye coffee

Land for growing coffee will shrink by 54.4% if temperatures don’t decrease, research claims

‘Farming net zero promises don’t match up with Net Zero Strategy’

The emissions reduction goal set for agriculture and farming is 58% lower than what was outlined in the strategy, a report claims

The future of farming as depicted by artificial intelligence

Over the next few decades, the way we produce food will need to change dramatically if we’re to meet the needs of a growing population and reduce our impact on the planet

UK government supports Peruvian climate battle

It is looking to attract investment for eight projects, which cover waste management, agriculture and energy

UK farming blamed for ‘more than a quarter of particle pollution in cities’

London, Birmingham and Leicester are hit by particle pollution created more from agriculture than other sources from the cities themselves, according to new research

How can celery battle climate change?

There is belief the crop could help trap carbon beneath the surface with the help of water

‘Climate change to blame for Argentinian drought’

Argentina is the world’s top soy exporter and third for corn – both of which have barely been able to grow throughout the ongoing drought

Fertiliser emissions could drop by 80%

They currently account for 5% of all greenhouse gas emissions during their entire lifecycle

Government announces five-year nature protection plan

Protecting habitats, water supply and improving air quality are all parts of the plan

The Carbon Column – Mission Zero

In this article I discuss Mission Zero, the UK’s net zero strategy review led by Chris Skidmore