Smart grid is core to 98% of utilities’ strategy

An intelligent or ‘smart’ electricity grid is core to 98% of utilities’ future strategies, a new poll has found. Unsurprisingly an overwhelming majority said the smart grid is a natural extension of current upgrades to the electricity network. Gathering and handling information is also seen as key by the 54 utilities executives in 13 countries […]

Chinese cities fail to balance growth and sustainability

Four in five Chinese cities are failing to strike a balance between growth and sustainability. That’s the finding of a new report by consultancy firm Accenture and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The study examined 73 of China’s largest cities and rated them across 32 performance indicators in three main categories: economic performance, resource and […]

Sustainability is “commercial imperative”- with £100bn reward

Sustainability is a “commercial imperative” and could benefit British businesses to the tune of £100billion according to a new report by retailer M&S, analysts at Accenture and the charity Business in the Community. They urge companies to avoid tick-box style corporate and social responsibility and put environmental and social issues at the heart of their […]

SMEs looking for tailored services to cut energy costs

Utilities can help SMEs cut energy costs by providing services tailored to their needs as they are turning to them to relieve the burden. That’s according to a new survey by consultancy group Accenture which revealed the majority (85%) of SMEs expect solutions targeted to their business needs but only 27% believe they are receiving […]

Report pulls plug on electric car expectations

The large scale roll out of plug-in electric vehicles will be hindered unless investors stimulate demand, lower the cost of public charging infrastructure and manage the impact on the grid. That’s the conclusion of consultants Accenture in a new report which analyzed a range of electric vehicle trials around the world, focusing on pure electric […]