‘Tech sector emissions to cut by 40% by 2030’

That’s the suggestion of a new report that claims technology advances could enable 8.5Gt of carbon savings by the end of the decade

Vodafone and Ericsson almost halve 5G energy consumption

The companies held a successful trial showing a 43% reduction in daily average consumption for the network

Nokia and Telefónica work to make 5G systems greener than all existing networks

The firms say 5G is ‘a natively greener technology’ and allows more data bits to be transmitted per kilowatt of energy than any previous type of wireless technology

Revolutionary smart substation trial to spearhead Net Zero

Smart electricity substations that speak to each other using the 5G network ‘could hold one of the keys to enabling the Net Zero revolution’

Nokia helps Finnish mobile operator slash 80% of its CO2 emissions

The 5G liquid cooling technology allows operators to use the wasted energy from 5G mobile network devices to heat their buildings or water

‘5G internet will not happen in 2018’

The upcoming technology could save households an average of up to £450 on energy each year

Government to select urban test-bed for 5G tech

It will test how the technology can make urban communities more safe, sustainable and efficient

5G-enabled smart tech ‘could save the UK £6bn a year’

O2 says households could save an average of £450 on energy each year if the technology was widely adopted