Podcast: Dispelling EV myths with Centrica’s Head of Fleet Partnerships

Are EVs more expensive? Do they really take all day to charge? If you use a car wash are you in for a shocking surprise?

Podcast: Switching to EVs isn’t only an environmental decision – it can boost a business’ bottom line

Listen to the full podcast with Andreas Atkins, Electric Vehicles Product Business Development Manager at Centrica Business Solutions

Centrica introduces ‘virtual fuel card’ for electric fleet charging

A new app developed by the energy solutions company, aimed at fleet drivers, acts as a virtual fuel card and makes it possible to plug in to any standard charger

Podcast: The challenge is clear – we have nine years to make 100% of new vehicle sales electric

That’s the suggestion from Natasha Mahmoudian, Head of Public Affairs for Electric Vehicles at Centrica Business Solutions

Podcast: The importance of building strong EV charging infrastructure and how the Public Sector is key

Adam Chilab, EV Product and Propositions Manager at British Gas Business, spoke to future Net Zero about the vital role EVs and associated infrastructure play in the public sector

Guiding light needed for EV scale-up journey

Joachim Brandt, Head of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles at Gemserv, believes Ofgem can lead the way in developing a coherent strategy and strengthened governance regime

Gemserv Predicts 2021: Low Carbon

Gemserv’s Head of Low Carbon Solutions, Matthew Knight, explains the market forces and insights that are set to shape the way we work and live in 2021 and beyond

Gemserv Predicts 2021: Energy

Graeme Forbes, Gemserv’s Head of Energy Market Solutions, explains the market forces and insights that are set to shape the way we work and live in 2021 and beyond

Heat pumps and EVs ‘could become central to everyday life within a decade’

The electricity firm forecasts that by 2030 there could be over 700,000 electric heat pumps across London, the East and South East, as well as up to 4.5 million EVs

Impact of Covid-19 on the EV market

Carl Bayliss, vice president and mobility & home energy management at Centrica explores how the EV market has been affected by the pandemic.