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At Open Energy Market, we are a leading provider of energy procurement services and Net Zero technologies, we were established in 2012 with the aim of making the energy industry more transparent and accessible to businesses.

We specialise in utilising data and insights to inform our Risk Management, Trading and Sustainability experts, bringing cost savings, confidence and control to clients in a volatile market. We now support some of the largest energy users across the country and boast a highly successful buying fund that protected our customers from the energy crisis in 2022.

In an industry that has historically lacked technology, transparency and innovation, at Open Energy Market we pioneer digital solutions that help organisations to save money and decarbonise their energy mix with confidence and conviction.

Championing ChangeMakers, True brings project viability, transparency and simplicity to the complex energy world, enabling any user to build stronger financial grade business cases and help their business overcome the hurdles of renewable investment.

Our aim is to unify teams across sustainability, procurement, finance and operations and arms these changemakers with the ability to make a difference, faster, on the journey to a more sustainable future.

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