Energy Live News (ELN) is a multi award winning independent publishing and events company.

We started with a simple vision to cover energy across the board, fossil fuels or renewables, nuclear or cleantech, EVs or smart meters, we will bring the news to you wherever it is happening.

We are independent, fair and engaging and listen to all voices across the sector. We are leaders in online TV for the energy sector and we bring you interviews and interesting filmed stories from across the UK and overseas.

We not only provide news but run a very successful events division running an awards programme and annual conference, as well as regular small scale events and seminars. Our accolades include:

  • WINNER – BEST JOURNALISM 2012 Scottish Green Energy Awards
  • WINNER – BEST NEW EVENT 2017 Awards Awards

Our team is dedicated to the highest levels of accuracy, quality and creativity in all we do;

Sumit Bose

Editor and co-founder. Sumit has more than two decades in journalism, firstly with National newspapers and then in broadcasting. He joined the BBC in 1993 as a reporter and presenter and has worked on all major news outlets including Breakfast, One and Six O’Clock News, 5Live, BBC News channel, BBC Three and World Service. He presented the BBC One current affairs strand Inside Out for five years and also travelled the world with Holiday. After leaving the BBC to follow a freelance career he worked for SKY and ITN and the Travel Channel. He is the Editor of Energy Live News and runs all matters editorial as well as all production. Sumit has been silly enough to get caught in a blizzard in the north pole, cycle to Paris, swim with sharks and even more ridiculously continues to support Leyton Orient.

Geoff Curran

Geoff is ELN’s Commercial Director and co-founder. He has had a successful 30 year career in strategic selling working for big brands and corporations. Geoff has worked at all levels of corporate sales and previously set up a successful software company. He is in charge of commercial strategy and finance as well as coming up with the idea of ELN in the first place. Known widely in the industry in a very short space of time he certainly gets noticed. A man of real substance he has been a devoted Arsenal season ticket holder ever since they started winning things and is also an even bigger fan of cakes.

Priyanka Shrestha

News Editor. Pri joined ELN from Middlesex University with a post graduate degree in Journalism and Media. She’s in charge of day to day news gathering as well as getting out and about. In fact she’s taken the ELN cameras to Norway, France and Russia, perhaps that travel bug comes from her roots back in Nepal. Despite growing up in the foothills of the Himalayas she complains a lot about the cold and has no desire to climb mountains, though is happy to drink Newcastle Brown Ale having spent some time masquerading as a Geordie.

Jonny Bairstow

Reporter. Jonners is rubbish at cricket (bit like his namesake) but very good on old bikes. A charmingly well educated young man, he is both the most polite reporter we have had and the most laid back. A top performer who is never easily distracted his languid cool has made him very popular. He is trying, very trying but we love his manners so much we think he will take the sector by storm. He’s also very good at sounding interested at conversations.

Melinda Fairfax

Market Research and Sales. Mellers has just joined the clan. The former beauty queen is our first lady of sales and uses her brains and charms to convey the wonders of the ELN service. She’s a gym queen and puts us all to shame with her rock hard abs. Funny, charming and to top it all a proud mum, she’s got her sights on out selling Geoff on her way to world domination.

Robert Murray

Camera and Graphics. Robbo has come to ELN fresh from his degree at Ravensbourne, a crazy Northern Irishman he has used his banter to get us all into submission. We are also scared of him! A cracking camera nerd and computer pathologist, this boy is never happier than pulling things apart and then adding bits. Most of the time no one understands what he’s talking about we just nod in fear!

Freddie Rand

Production Manager. Little Ginger Freddie is our office manager, busy body and fitness elf. Despite going to the second worst uni in the land, he’s come up trumps (no not Donald). Organised, chatty and constantly busy he’s the cleanest living member of the team, ruggers, marathons, snickers you name it he’s up for it. He’s in charge of making the whole ELN machine work and will tell you so, he likes giving orders and it might have something to do with his penchant for dodgy military fancy dress! Don’t ask but we are told the court case is now spent!

Harry Matyjaszek

Data and Campaigns. Posh and owning vast swathes of the Isle of Wight, he’s our token Polish gentry representative. Educated at the University of London he was kicked out of the British Banker’s Association for fraudulently impersonating a worker, so we took him in. Now in the right environment he thrives by ringing people up all day and extoling the virtues of ELN. He also does amazing game show host impersonations.

Tia Phillips

Camera and Graphics. Tia has followed on from Mr Potato (Rob) as another Ravensbourne graduate. An east end gal she would normally whip up some cockles and jellied eels but has recently become a veggie. Her aim is to take pictures in some kind of order and make them into something called ‘television’, a concept she was never taught. She also helps to fly the flag for ginger diversity. Oh and she has the dirtiest laugh in the office!


We use freelancers and can offer graduates internship placements, so anyone interested in filming, editing or reporting for ELN should get in touch by the address below or send a CV, covering letter and short showreel to [email protected].

Company Details

Company Name: Energy Live News Limited

Office Address: 1 Dudrich House Princes Lane Muswell Hill London N10 3LU

Telephone: 020 8815 9222

Email : [email protected]

Registered Address: 7 Castle Street Tonbridge Kent TN9 1BH

Registered in: England & Wales

Company Number: 07209102

VAT Number: 988 8336 42


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