Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH

The internationally leading “Data as a Service” company with a focus on renewable energies.

About us

Kaiserwetter is an IntelliTech company in the renewable energy industry. The company relies on its data intelligence that results from its Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) offer to convince investors to invest more heavily in renewable energy in an effort to accelerate investments in emission-free energy production worldwide. This is a main precondition for meeting international climate goals.

“Kaiserwetter is strongly committed to an effective climate protection and to the political objective of climate neutrality. Nothing less than the future of humanity is at risk. What gives us hope is the progress of using data intelligence to mitigate the transition risk and to speed up the transformation towards an emissonfree future of energy. We offer our technological optimism to future Net Zero and are happy to support their most important work.”

Hanno Schoklitsch
CEO & Founder



Contact us

Hopfenmarkt 33
20457 Hamburg
Tel: +49 40 530 566-0

Products & services

Kaiserwetter offers its specialized digital services to all stakeholders worldwide as part of their investment process throughout the entire investment cycle.

Kaiserwetter’s clients include investment funds, private equity investors, infrastructure funds, banking institutions, insurance companies, supranational organizations, rating agencies and utilities. Established in 2012, the company has its headquarters in Hamburg and offices in Madrid and New York and is currently set to expand into China and India.