Get Smart, Go Green, with Hugo

Unlock the power of your smart meter with HUGO as it enables you to:

  • Understand your energy usage and costs
  • Set budgets for your energy usage and costs
  • Take control of your energy costs
  • Switch to truly green energy
  • Reduce your carbon impact on the world
  • Go carbon neutral for your energy use

The UK’s drive for smart meter adoption is logical and potentially hugely positive in making UK households engage with their CO2, energy usage and energy costs.

However, the smart meter rollout has a fundamental flaw. The rollout relies on the uptake of IHD (In Home Displays), which are now a 20 year old redundant technology. They regularly fail, are not portable/mobile, have supplier integration issues and are severely limited in the technology and data they can offer. Perhaps the biggest flaw is that they fail to provide accurate electricity and gas cost data – as they often only display the costs based on your first ever tariff when you installed the smart meter. As you change tariff the IHD often fails to update and the costs displayed will be your original tariff, not your new tariff.

HUGO benefits

  • No compatibility issues
  • Supplier independent
  • No reliance on supplier for tariff information – creating budget/cost projection accuracy
  • Not reliant on meter telecommunication (HUGO is cloud based) – so energy data can be accessed anywhere on the planet
  • Adapts to single rate and day/night rate tariffs

Customer engagement with smart meters is very low and smart metering complaints are at a record high! In a recent survey of 100 smart meter users over 60% of users reported that they had either:

  1. Disconnected the display;
  2. Lost or misplaced the display;
  3. Reported that the display had stopped working;

The HUGO ENERGY APP removes the need for IHD’s.

By signing up the smart meter customer can download their electricity and gas data onto the app and view their data in an engaging and interactive manner via their smart phone/device.

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