ZTP, the energy consultancy and software specialist, focusses on cutting edge solutions for the procurement and reporting of electricity/gas/water. Its award-winning software is designed and built in-house to directly benefit its consultancy clients and is also available to organisations to run as standalone platforms where required. The software is designed to digitise energy management thus maximising automation enabling users to exceed standard performance and concentrate on making savings. The latest software – Kiveev – offers support to all power and gas contracts, providing visibility to users to allow instant budgeting, consumption forecasting and delivered cost on top of the AI-led risk management and pricing forecast calculations. This transparency and accuracy of data is revolutionising how both fixed and flexible utility procurement is managed.

ZTP’s excellence is not only supported by its industry leading software solutions, but also its consultancy team draws on experience from the full spectrum of the energy industry including supply side, consultancy, metering and commodity markets. This combination of experience, expertise and software innovation enables ZTP to offer one of the leading services in the industry.

To find out more about ZTP and its solutions, or to request a demonstration of Kiveev, please contact us on +44 (0)20 3957 6010 or send an email to [email protected]