Fuels for Ireland

Fuels for Ireland is the industry association whose members who provide half of Ireland’s energy needs in the form of the petroleum products and biofuels that power Irish road transport, agriculture, industry, aviation, maritime, rail and heating.

Decarbonising home heating – minimal investment required – Join our session at 15:00 on 22nd June

The Irish Government has set an ambitious target to install 600,000 heat pumps by 2030. With 40% of households currently relying on oil to heat their homes (65% in rural Ireland), even meeting this challenging objective will leave hundreds of thousands of families relying on their current heating systems. Fuels for Ireland, along with UKIFDA and OFTEC commissioned a report from leading consulting firm AECOM to investigate the potential impact of lower and no carbon liquid fuels. This presentation will explore the contribution with advanced, synthetic and bio fuels can make to reducing and ultimately neutralising carbon emissions from home heating.

Speaker: Kevin McPartlan, Chief Executive Officer, Fuels for Ireland