ENGIE is a leading energy and services company focused on three key activities: production and supply of energy, facilities management and regeneration. Our 17,000 employees combine these capabilities for the benefit of individuals, businesses and communities throughout the UK & Ireland.

We enable customers to embrace a lower carbon, more efficient and increasingly digital world. Our customers benefit from our energy efficient and smart building solutions, the provision of effective and innovative services, the transformation of neighbourhoods through regeneration projects, and the supply of reliable, flexible and renewable energy.

ENGIE improves lives through better living and working environments. We help to balance performance with responsibility, enabling progress in a harmonious way.

Join us for a panel debate with ENGIE and AMP Clean Energy at 10:45 on 22nd June

The conversation will focus on the pathway to decarbonise heat and financing your net zero ambitions.


Kirti Rudra, Energy and Carbon Solutions Director, ENGIE

Stuart Reid, Managing Director (Projects), AMP Clean Energy