Coventry City Council

Did you know that Coventry now has the highest number of EV charging points outside of London, it will be the first UK City with a Very Light Rail (VLR) transport system and that it will be the first all-electric bus city by 2025?

Coventry City Council will be providing the latest updates on the City’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure and workplace charging funding options, electric fleet trials available for businesses and the taxi trade, mobility credit schemes, e-bikes, the plans for the all-electric bus city and the public realm work that is happening in the City including the opening of the regenerated Coventry Railway station.  There will also be an insight into exciting future plans such as an EV Charging Hub, an Urban Airport, E-Scooters and the development of the ‘Green Futures Board’ as the City continues to seek funding to develop exciting sustainable projects in its ambitions to work towards net zero.

On 22nd June, join for the special session with John Seddon, Head of Transport and Innovation at Coventry City Council. We will discuss why net zero matters so much for Coventry’s future and will explore what challenges the public sector is likely to face in the coming years.

Speaker: John Seddon, Head of Transport and Innovation, Coventry City Council