Brook Green Supply

Brook Green Supply is a London based, sustainable power and gas supplier that specialises in working with large and complex energy users across the UK. We understand that the energy markets are changing and by specialising in the I&C sector of the market, we can provide our customers with the highest level of expertise and focus. We provide bespoke procurement and risk arrangements, green product options and solutions, data analysis and real time market insights, as well as proactive support in adapting to industry changes. Using a broad range of measures, we help customers adapt to and benefit from the transition to renewable energy by providing big picture solutions that are environmentally and economically sustainable.

Understanding the Cost of Net Zero – Risks, cost exposure and the practical steps to transitioning towards the 2050 target – Join our session at 14:00 on 22nd June

Join us as we discuss the practical solutions available to large energy consumers to help them in their transition to achieve their Net- Zero targets, as well as provide thought leadership on the tools and options at their disposal.

Speaker: Mark Westwood, Direct Sales Director, Brook Green Supply