Kirti Rudra, Solutions Development Director, ENGIE

Kirti Rudra is responsible for enabling net zero through resilient, sustainable and affordable client solutions at ENGIE. As a Chartered Accountant, with 15 years of experience in the energy sector, Kirti supports ENGIE customers in technical development through to commercial structuring and funding of services. In the last five years, she has enabled long term energy services contracts with an aggregate lifetime order value of c£86million, carbon savings of c8,277 tCO2 per annum and guaranteed energy savings of c£4million per annum.

Join us for a panel debate with ENGIE and AMP Clean Energy at 10:45 on 22nd June

The conversation will focus on the pathway to decarbonise heat and financing your net zero ambitions.


Kirti Rudra, Energy and Carbon Solutions Director, ENGIE

Stuart Reid, Managing Director (Projects), AMP Clean Energy