Dominic O’Brien, Founder & Managing Director, Experienced Energy Solutions

Dominic O’Brien is the founder and Managing Director of Experienced Energy Solutions. After 11 years in the energy industry, working for a ‘Big 6’ supplier, Dom recognised that there was a gap in the market for an energy consultant that offered customers an open, honest and transparent approach to all things energy. It was from this realisation that Experienced Energy Solutions was created. Outside of his life at Experienced Energy Solutions, Dom is a family man with three young children as well as an avid sportsman, playing golf, paddle tennis and boxing.

Do you want to lose your biggest customer? – Join our session at 12:15 on 22nd June

Of course, the answer is unanimously no! But what if your customer told you that they were looking to have a net zero supply chain by 2025,2030, 2035? Are you in a position to claim, credibly, that you can meet their deadline?

Unfortunately more and more businesses are finding themselves in this position, but here at Experienced Energy Solutions, we understand how to work with businesses to achieve their clients’ expectations and support them with their net zero journey, from step 1, understanding your carbon footprint, through to step 5, achieving net zero status.

Even if your clients don’t have the expectation of having a net zero supply chain, plenty of potential customers do.

Wouldn’t you want to be the first choice to replace any gaps in their supply chain?


Dominic O’Brien, Managing Director, Experienced Energy Solutions

Craig Watson, Operations Director, Experienced Energy Solutions