Alan Rance, Managing Director, Midas Pattern Company

Following a successful engineering apprenticeship in Foundry Patternmaking, Alan Rance started Midas Pattern Company in August 1989. Midas now employs around 75 people and turns over ITRO £5m pa. They make the largest, the heaviest, the most complex and the highest quality polyurethane mouldings in the world. Only using oil based earth chemistry for the production of life enhancing medical and analytical device enclosures Alan leads the company with a respectful, down to earth, hardworking environmentally responsible ethic.

Under his leadership the Midas team continues to achieve success within the toughest of market places – UK Engineering Manufacturing.

Since April 2019 Alan has made the fight against Climate Change his primary goal, the #midasgreeninitiative has documented their journey to carbon neutrality in 14 months and onto Carbon Net-Zero in just 20 months. He strives every day to make the world a greener place and he ensures the platform they have is used to encourage others to do everything in their power to arrest the onslaught of Climate Change as quickly as possible.

Net Zero Talk – Join our session at 16:00 on 22nd June

Alan Rance, CEO of Midas Pattern Company, transformed his life and his business, into a net zero one in the space of just 14 months. Listen to his tale of how he did it and what you can learn from his example.

In particular, how making the changes to his supply chain and sourcing has actually made his company more profitable now than it was before!

Speaker: Alan Rance, CEO of Midas Pattern Company