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Doors Open – 08:30


Plenary Session – 09:30

We will open with speech by a leading energy minister. We have invited Secretary of State Greg Clark.  This is followed by the state of our finances and the view of the wider economic picture. This will be delivered by EY’s Chief Economist Mark Gregory.

Finally, we will have an international outlook on the way the UK is seen not just in Europe but across the world and the issues we face. Join Michael Gibbons, Chair of Elexon, the CEO of the Energy Institute, Louise Kingham and Energy Live News Chairman Volker Beckers for a panel debate and Q&A session.

Lunchtime Session – 13:15

What keeps energy managers awake at night……and they taking the right pills to sleep?

Join Gaia’s Haydn Young and members of The Energy Club (Sophie Mason – Vodafone, Brian Cairns – Tesco, Adam Garbutt – Travis Perkins and Dave Derbyshire – Carillion) discuss what the burning issues are for energy managers and what pills (metaphor, not literal) they are taking to solve them.

This is going to be a full on session and you have the opportunity to have your say or get your energy problems diagnosed and sorted.

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British Gas – What the future holds

A fireside chat between the Managing Director of British Gas Business, Gab Barbaro and ELN Editor Sumit Bose. Exploring the future trends in the energy sector and looking back at the issues raised at our recent Energy Live Future conference in Leicester. We will explore the changing role of a supplier and the needs of the energy user of the future.

npower Business Solutions – Battery Storage: The Myths and truths

Presented by Daniel Connor, Energy Management Specialist, npower Business Solutions

Battery storage is being hailed as the next big breakthrough in the energy sector. But does the reality live up to hype? Energy management expert Daniel Connor will brief you about all you need to know – from how exactly battery storage works to what it can do for businesses; the timescales around commercialisation and innovations yet to come. He’ll also examine the common myths and truths around this technology. By the end of his session, you’ll feel confident about when and how to take the most appropriate action around battery storage for your business.

SSE – Why it is important to get energy on the c-suite agenda, and how to go about it

Presented by Finlay McCutcheon, Director of SSE Business Energy

Discover why businesses looking to achieve long term sustainable growth recognise the benefit of turning their long term energy usage to their advantage. How do you as an Energy Manager get the ear of the Board and get energy management on the agenda?

Total Gas & Power – The Total take on trading energy

Alistair Griffiths, Total’s Energy Optimisation Manager (North West Europe), will  run through some drivers of the market and expectations for the rest of the winter/2018 in the wholesale market for gas and power across Europe.

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Centrica Business Solutions – Site Resilience

Presented by: Tim Wynn-Jones, Distributed Energy Sales Manager, Centrica Business Solutions

It’s time to get serious about resilience – A business must possess the ability to react quickly and decisively to any situation it is presented with, and uptime should always be front and centre of any strategic planning. Good resilience to power outages means faster recovery after incidents, reduced impact of incidents and protection of brand and reputation. It can also provide a better understanding of an organisation and demonstrates to internal stakeholders that their wellbeing and livelihoods are important. Hear how we can help your business to be resilient and power your ambitions with intelligent, end-to-end energy solutions to give you business advantage.

npower Business Solutions – How much is DSR really worth?

Presented by: Graeme Dawson Technical Services Development Manager, npower Business Solutions

Demand side response (DSR) is a growth area, as the requirement for greater flexibility in the energy system increases. But what sort of returns can your business expect? Graeme Dawson shares his many years of experience in the DSR sector to look at how flexibility is currently valued, and the key factors that will influence future value. He’ll also advise on how best to navigate through the changes to come to make the most of this growing business revenue stream.

SSE – The journey towards optimisation

Presented by: Kevin Greenhorn, Managing Director, Energy Solutions

Energy optimisation is more than just reducing your energy costs. It’s about turning energy into a sustainable resource for the good of all concerned. Find out how a suite of tools, services and strategies can help you lower costs and carbon emissions while increasing output and business performance.

Total Gas & Power – Solar for businesses – is now the right time?

Presented by: Jon Fieldsend, Vice President TOTAL Solar I&C.

Join Total Gas & Power’s Jon Fieldsend as he shines a light on how you should be looking at Solar for the benefit of your business. He will cover:

• Where should solar fit in your energy roadmap?
• Has solar moved on? What new options and solutions do you have available to meet your need?
• If you are considering adding solar to your energy mix, what are the key aspects you need to consider?

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British Gas – Going Green: supporting your Corporate Social Responsibility agenda through energy procurement strategies.

Presented by: Dylan Crompton, Head of Major Accounts

With an ever-changing energy landscape, matching your energy purchasing decisions to your Corporate Social Responsibility goals isn’t always straight forward. British Gas will discuss the myriad of options available to large businesses today, from renewable energy supply contracts, to PPAs and self-generation. We’ll also be joined by one of our major customers, IFM, who will talk about their reasons for purchasing green gas and the benefits of doing so.

npower Business Solutions – Market spikes and flexibility

Presented by: Gemma Eagle-Bruce, Client Portfolio Manager, npower Optimisation Desk

If you’re perplexed by the energy market – or are uncertain about how best to manage your energy purchasing strategy – let Gemma Eagle-Bruce demystify things for you. She’ll share the key market drivers to be aware of, then look at how these are likely to impact the winter season ahead, and what this could mean for power and gas prices. She’ll also explain why volatility can be good news – and how you can tap into new demand side response opportunities to manage costs in a positive way.

SSE – How policy and non-commodity costs affect your business

Presented by: Pavel Miller, Head of Wholesale Policy and Chris Staal, Commercial Manager.

An evolving policy landscape can cause uncertainty for businesses who want assurance of what will happen over the long-term. We’ll explain how non-commodity costs and policy can impact your business.

Total Gas & Power – Energy purchasing made simple

Presented by: Daniel Schouten & Phil Best, National Sales Managers

With emerging technologies, changing regulations and increasing pressure from the boardroom to help meet organisational goals, being an effective energy buyer has never been more challenging. However, one thing remains core – getting the right supply contract for your business.

Aimed at the energy buyers who want to make sure they are covering all of the basics, Total Gas & Power will highlight what you need to know and why.

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Centrica Business Solutions – Energy Insight

Presented by: Mark Emery, Business Development Manager, Centrica Business Solutions

If machines could talk: How to power performance and unlock hidden value through facility and asset optimisation  – You strive to keep your facility efficient and running on budget. Yet, according to Navigant Research, less than 20% of Facility Managers set aside funds for energy management software. But real-time data from your systems and equipment can give you actionable insights to make your facility and assets perform even better. Hear how Panoramic Power can help power your ambitions with intelligent, end-to-end energy solutions to give you true business advantage.

SSE – How flexible energy contracts can work for your business

Presented by: Louise Innes, Commercial Director

Discover how flexible energy purchasing works and why this is a must have for businesses looking to turn their long term energy usage to their advantage for improved strategic planning, greater cost control, improved working and production environments.

Total Gas & Power – Can your energy be totally clean?

Presented by: Nick Hodgson, Head of Embedded Generation

With the current proliferation of renewable technology within the UK over the last decade, are these really zero emission and what trends and technologies do we see on the horizon that will help the UK meet its renewable and carbon obligations?

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12.00pm – How Lego puts another brick in the wall for energy management

Andrew McMullen, Renewables and Buildings Senior Manager, will take you through a very interactive session on how Lego uses creativity and play to solve energy management issues. Make sure your inner child is ready to play…..there will be bricks!

12.15pm – Question – flexible MWs? Answer – revenue from energy and at no risk

Presented by: Stuart Duncan, Flexibility Business Development Manager, DONG Energy

In light of market volatility, reducing subsidies and rising non-commodity costs, energy flexibility can help create new revenue for your business, so it’s increasingly important to have a consolidated flexibility strategy.

In this session, we use DONG Energy’s Renewable Balancing Reserve (RBR) as an example of how revenue can be generated from the imbalance market with no risk, but also how it can be integrated into your overall flexibility strategy to include procurement and smart energy management.

12.30pm – Water Efficiency

Jodi Robinson, Advanced Services Operations Manager will discuss how Water Plus use their three stage process to water management to help their customers reduce water bills and increase sustainability

14.00pm – How AI will kill energy brokers

Join Energi Mine’s Omar Rahim as he takes you through the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) development and shows you why Energy Brokers are potentially a dying breed. In particular, he will highlight how bill validation just became a 20 minute operation which will save you major cost and still highlight your billing errors.

14.15pm – Energy costs are all under-budget but what about fuel?

Controlling your gas and power budgets through flexible procurement contracts? Well now you can for liquid fuels too: total fuel budget control. If you’re worried about your strategy for liquid fuels, Julian Keites of Kinect takes you through the new thinking on fuel price risk management…..and how you can make significant savings.

15.15pm – Are you flexing your energy muscles enough?

Nicky Maclaurin will help you get into shape with your flex energy contracts. She will look at what you need to do for a full workout, particularly around inflated charges on consumption volumes and how they are shaped. After this workout, you should feel pounds lighter, if not pounds richer.

Make sure you have your trainers on!

15.30pm – Putting the brakes on brokers – the future of energy reduction

Join Brendon Airey of Cloudfm as he takes you through what large end users have done to reduce energy and how they have paid or is that not paid for those projects?!

16.15pm – Penfold’s Pick of the Pops

Spraga’s Georgina Penfold counts you down a la Tony Blackburn/Chris Moyles/Nick Grimshaw (delete according to age and taste) to her top ten of energy stuff you need to be looking out for. This will be a disc spinning whirl of what’s hot in energy management and what you should be looking to budget for when it comes to saving hard cash on energy.

16.30pm – Regulating for the future by supporting innovation today

Ofgem launched the Innovation Link just under a year ago to unlock the potential benefits of innovation for consumers. It supports and enables entrepreneurs to navigate the energy system and provides valuable insights into future issues and opportunities.

Join Scott Laczay, Senior Manager at Ofgem’s Innovation Link to consider how regulation and innovation will drive the energy revolution






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