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As one of the UK’s leading energy consultancies, we are well-placed to support you no matter where you are in your journey to net zero.

EIC are a dynamic mix of energy consultants, auditors, traders, analysts and customer service professionals – passionate about sustainability and assisting our clients to achieve their net zero goals. We have over four decades of experience, advising clients on how to improve their energy efficiency and ultimately save on costs. We offer support in an ever-changing energy market, where reducing your carbon footprint is now an integral part of energy consumption.

Achieving net zero is a complex and time-consuming task. For organisations choosing to outsource energy and carbon management, we can provide peace of mind by mapping a clear and comprehensive route to net zero. From developing an initial strategy, through to advising on implementation solutions, EIC have the people and know-how to support your goals.

To learn more about your route to net zero, call 01527 511 757, email us or visit www.routenetzero.co.uk

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