I’m delighted to say that Energy Live 2014 is on its way with the support of npower and EY. Our flagship conference will take place this year on November 6th at London’s Barbican Centre in the City. We have a bigger venue and expect 900 visitors!

Our theme this year is “the Politics of Power” which seems appropriate, as we will be only six months away from the General Election at the time of the conference. So what does that mean? Well politics is both a big “P” and a small “p”, as much about what happens in the Palace of Westminster, as what happens in your street and your community.

So we will discuss the big issues around regulation and policy; ESOS, EMR, the Ofgem Code of Conduct, what the 2015 election will mean for energy and if by then we have an independent Scotland, what that means for oil and gas and wider energy issues.


But we will also talk about the effect energy has on our communities, the impact of bills, energy saving and solutions, new energy sources like fracking and how to cope with changes and the implications of policy on our businesses and homes.

This year we will also celebrate the world of energy. Like us, you must be fed up of the energy sector being seen in the same vein as bankers. Is the sector really that bad? Full of fat cats, evil corporations and dodgy salespeople? We don’t think so and we will prove it doesn’t warrant the poor headlines and public vilification it often receives.

If you have been to an Energy Live event before you know we like to do things with our unique style, bringing passion and energy to ensure a day you’ll remember! Just take a look at highlights from last year.

Presently, we are working on getting you the best debate in energy, Davey vs Flint and with that a Question Time of Energy, where you get to ask the tricky question of our panel of energy supplier CEOs.

Once again we will have an energy experts bar called the Energy Solutions Bar – so you can speed date with an expert that can help solve your energy issue. Our Case Study Cinema returns so you can see what others are doing and learn from their experiences. And we will have four seminar streams bringing you 20 seminars on all things energy – policy and legislation, sustainability and energy solutions.

If you are an energy end user you can come for free this year but you need to apply for a ticket asap. We will be giving away a set number of free passes and when they are gone, they’re gone, so don’t delay. To see if you qualify for the free ticket contact Geoff Curran at [email protected] or call him on 0845 602 4899.

We look forward to seeing you on what will be a great day.

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