British American Tobacco pledges carbon neutrality by 2030

The company also plans to eliminate unnecessary single-use plastic and make all plastic packaging recyclable by 2025

Company debuts ‘world’s first shoes made from coffee’

The coffee-made shoes aim to reduce massive methane and carbon dioxide gases that spent coffee grounds emit when discarded and landfilled

Surfdome and Patagonia ride the wave of plastic-free packaging

The new partnership will see the removal of plastic polybags from clothes orders in a bid to decrease lifecycle carbon dioxide emissions and pollution

Brighton Palace Pier goes 100% renewable in new deal with Octopus Energy

The pier, which is one of the UK’s most popular seaside attractions, expects to save more than 1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide

CHANEL commits to renewable power by 2025

The fashion brand also aims to halve carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 to tackle climate change

Samsonite steps up sustainability strategy as it moves to lead industry in going green

The luggage brand has committed to using 100% renewable energy while reducing carbon emissions in order to become carbon-neutral by 2025