Net Hero Podcast – Businesses want to go net zero but let’s have more walking, less talking!

Ellis and I look back on the past year ahead of the net zero reset due this week

‘Renewables aren’t making a dent on coal’ – is nuclear the answer?

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Net Hero Podcast – Nuclear energy sustainable? Discuss!

I ask nuclear expert and advocate, Caroline Longman to justify why the chancellor has given nuclear the status of ‘sustainable’ energy – is it really so?

How can software change the EV market?

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Net Hero Podcast – Drive me home…fairly!

Can everyone have access to affordable EVs? Software company eDRV thinks they can shake up the market to be more equitable.

Net Hero Podcast – Roll with it, cleaner toilet time!

Can sustainable toilet rolls help us cut emissions and clean up our seas?

Antibiotics created by bacteria in the ocean?

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Net Hero Podcast – water the blue frontier?

As science unlocks the potential for oceans and seas to help us on the net zero pathway, what protection do we need for the planet?

How do you build a net zero house?

In this week’s podcast we discuss just that – as well as what they’re like to live in

Net Hero Podcast – Net Zero Homes build them now!

Adressing our housing stock is our biggest net zero challenge so how do we do it? And can a home really be net zero?