UK to help Malaysia on its net zero journey following COP26

Malaysia was a signatory of the Glasgow Climate Pact, the pledge to end deforestation and methane emission reduction at the climate summit

COP26 internationally recognised for sustainability

The summit achieved the standard given to the most sustainable events

‘We can’t solve the climate crisis without the banks’ says Sir James Bevan

The Environment Agency Chief Executive looked forward following COP26 in his speech delivered to the banking sector – claiming they have “more power than most countries to create the change we need”

‘This will go down in history as the finance COP’

Board member of TheCityUK Catherine McGuinness explained the importance of finance at COP26 and explored the sector’s key role in the net zero transition going forward

Carbon hits record price in Europe following COP26

The climate summit has seen the price hike by more than double since the start of the year, as governments look to curb its impacts through new agreements

‘Smaller businesses can be the most dynamic and act the fastest’

The UK’s Net Zero Champion, Andrew Griffith, explained the role all businesses have to play in the net zero transition at COP26

Boris Johnson frustrated by lack of progress on climate goals at COP26

In a speech delivered at the Guildhall he said that although there was disappointment in what was not achieved, the UK will not give up and will ‘work tirelessly’ in the coming year

Glasgow Climate Pack stirs reactions across the world

A compromise, a death-knell for coal power or a big failure to phase out fossil fuels – what leaders and industry think about the COP26 agreement?

COP26 announced Glasgow Climate Pact as Alok Sharma said “I am deeply sorry”

Adopted by nearly 200 countries, the agreement asks all countries to strengthen their current emissions targets in 2022

Webinar: Outcomes of COP26: What’s next for UK business?

In case you missed this live webinar, you can catch up here