Established in 2008, JAL has earned a place amongst the most experienced, trusted and transparent consultants in a crowded marketplace.

We are an independent team of energy experts in the UK energy and water markets.  The business is privately owned and has provided outstanding results and service for our customers as we have grown.  We are on a mission to improve life for our customers, bringing the best prices and service and helping tackle the challenge of Net Zero.

We are experienced energy buyers in the I&C market, our customers range from small businesses to multi-site retailers to heavy industry, food manufacture, hospitals and all points in between.  We understand what drives energy prices and how to get the best from suppliers in terms of service too.

The Company brings a wide range of industry experience for our customer’s benefit.  Our team have worked in senior roles with both energy suppliers and purchasing consultants alike.  This breadth of experience and perspective is one of the things that sets us apart.