Gaia Says No! Episode 12 – Epilogue

In this final episode we look back over the series and what we have heard and learned

Diversity is key for the net zero skills gap

Schneider Electric’s boss in Ireland says different people will bring different thinking to the sector

Gaia Says No! Episode 11 – Sting in the tail?

In the penultimate episode we discuss how the planet could reap revenge on us if we continue to harm the biosphere

Gaia Says No! Episode 10 – Can Black go Green?

Listen as former Obama advisor Allyson Anderson Book, explains why the fossil fuel industries have a role to play in net zero

Listen to the trees – can AI unlock forest secrets in the battle against climate change?

Smart sensors in forests could help give us a picture of their health and ability to capture carbon

Gaia Says No! Episode 9 – Technology

Is the future Skynet or Star Trek and is technology really the only way to save us?

When it comes to EVs, it’s the economics that stack up

Philip Heathcote of UK Power Networks Services talks the future of rail, road and flying as we take on the decarbonisation challenge

Gaia Says No! Episode 8 – Money

Listen in as ethical finance expert Clare Brook joins us to discuss this emotive and often divisive issue

Gaia says no! Episode 7 – Religion

The majority of humans are religious so shouldn’t we use that influence to change our behaviour?

Insight with Jonathon Porritt

Watch the exclusive chat with the world famous environmentalist