Net Hero Podcast – Banking on a greener future

This week I talk to Bankers for Net Zero – are we anyway near getting a finance system to put the planet before profit?

Net Hero Podcast – Insects: Nature’s waste warriors!

This week I explore how maggots can help your business cut waste and make money!

Net Hero Podcast – Decorating the net zero way!

What if you could recycle your floor tiles or wall decorations time and again?

Net Hero Podcast – The science of better heating…

I speak to Professor David Glew a sustainability scientist about the challenge of heat and how net zero science is the key to less wasteful homes and businesses

Net Hero Podcast – Fashion that doesn’t cost the Earth?

Fancy donning a banana blouse or seaweed suit? I discuss if these could be the clothing sources in our net zero future…

Net Hero Podcast – What God can teach us about net zero!

The vast majority of people on Earth believe in God, so can we learn to use the power of religion to change our climate?

Net Hero Podcast – Polish people power – how a pressure group changed their country

I speak to Anna Dworakowska from Polish Smog Alert, a community group who pressurised politicians into cleaning up the air!

Net Hero Podcast – Xmas special!

I look back at some of the podcasts over this year which made me think about net zero in action

Net Hero Podcast – The bugs that will grow clothes made from thin air!

Meet the bugs making products from Greenhouse gases! Join my chat with Mark Herrema and explore the world of ‘Air Carbon’

Net Hero Podcast – Money, money, money in a net zero world

Time to cough up? If we want to get to net zero we really need to get the money side of it sorted. Join my chat with leading economist Vicky Pryce as we talk cash!