Net Hero Podcast – Leather can it have a sustainable future?

In this episode I speak with a man on a mission to clean up the leather sector. Vikrant Pratap runs Qualus and says leather can be sustainably used for decades to come… do you agree?

Net Hero Podcast – Is CCS the ‘net’ in net zero?

In Episode 3 we discover if carbon capture and storage is actually the most cost effective step we can take at present to cut emissions

Net Hero Podcast – Elephants like Dumbo! Is climate changing our animals?

In episode 2 a fascinating conversation about how climate change is making animal appendages larger! Could everyday animals soon look very different?

Net Hero podcast – Nuclear can we go net zero without it?

Listen to episode 1 of our new series of weekly insights into the net zero world

‘We can adapt and change’

New boss of Schneider Electric in Ireland says new models of finance and governance can help us make buildings greener without excess costs

ENGIE Impact’s new tool to help decarbonisation

FNZ Editor Jonny Bairstow interviews the leaders behind a new concept tool for ‘avoided emissions’

Welcome to our inaugural Festival Net Zero

Whether you’re attending in-person or virtually, we can’t wait to see you

Utility Team partners with Centrica to deliver Energy Insights solution

Utility Team’s Energy Insights provides greater energy consumption monitoring and intelligence-driven energy efficiency solutions for organisations across many sectors

FNZ Standard offers something additional to ESOS and SECR

Larger companies are finding real value by using our platform

Net Zero: “If it’s not easy people won’t do it!”

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