India’s ReNew Energy Global pledges net zero emissions by 2040

The company generated enough clean energy to power four million Indian households over the last year

Spain’s GAM secures €35m for electric rental fleets and last-mile delivery

The loan from the EU bank will enable the company to invest in new energy efficient equipment and EVs as well as help its subsidiary, Inquieto, to expand its fleet of zero-emission vehicles

EU unveils new plans to cut plastic and packaging waste

Under the proposals, single-use packaging for food and beverages when consumed inside restaurants and cafes, mini shampoo bottles and mini packaging in hotels will be banned

New South African low carbon projects join UK’s Climate Finance Accelerator

The 15 projects across the energy, transportation, circular economy and water sectors will receive tailored capacity building to help them attract investment

LanzaTech and Sumitomo Riko team up to recycle rubber and resin

They intend to produce a key chemical intermediate, isoprene, which is produced by plants – and along with polymers – is the main component of natural rubber

EU proposes carbon removal certification scheme in net zero drive

The proposal lays down requirements for third-party verification and certification of carbon removals, the management of certification schemes and the functioning of registries

Amazon Web Services commits to become water-positive by 2030

This will ensure it will return more water to communities than it uses in its direct operations

‘Tesco Tinder’: Match with suppliers to swap excess stock and reduce waste

Tesco Exchange matches suppliers who have too much of a product, such as crops, by-products, ingredients or packaging, with other Tesco suppliers that need it

Essar Oil UK to build £360m carbon capture plant at Stanlow refinery

Once completed in 2027, the plant will eliminate an estimated 810,000 tons of CO2 per year – equivalent to slashing nearly 40% of all Stanlow emissions

Titan America completes conversion to low carbon cement production

It is now producing Type IL cement, a low carbon construction material