Environment Agency urging Sikh community to reduce plastic waste

This is during the Bandi Chhor Divas celebration, which coincides with the COP26 climate summit

Budweiser partners to power its brewery with green hydrogen

The brewery in South Wales will have its production, HGVs and forklifts powered by hydrogen

‘Rising temperatures lead to less business sales’

A new report has found that when temperatures increase by 1°C, business sales drop by 2%

INOVYN and Wrightbus team up to increase hydrogen use in HGVs

They will work alongside the UK government to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen in the sector

Leaked documents show nations do not want to cut fossil fuels ahead of COP26

Saudi Arabia, Japan and Australia are reportedly some of the countries that have written a report to the UN asking for less emphasis to be put on the end of fossil fuels

New £17.5m fund launched to promote sustainable farming

The government programme is looking to grow technologies and ideas that will help the sector reach net zero

UN: ‘Fossil fuel production will be more than double what is needed to stop global warming’

A new report from the UNEP claims that by 2030, governments will be producing 240% more coal than what is needed to keep warming at 1.5°C

Mitsubishi Corporation to invest £12bn in becoming carbon-neutral

It is looking to achieve net zero by 2050 and will invest in measures to slash its GHG emissions

British American Tobacco joins ‘Race to Zero’

It has committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and set science-based targets

Malta increases grants for EV buyers to €12,000

It is also making EVs exempt from registration taxes and license fees as it looks to accelerate the country’s adoption rates