Alok Sharma: ‘COP26 must consign coal to history’

The COP26 President said the government is planning for an in-person summit but was keen to highlight the safety of delegates and the local community ‘will be paramount’

Royal Mail boosts low carbon fleet with 29 biogas trucks

The 40-tonne vehicles will be powered using Bio-Compressed Natural Gas, reducing carbon dioxide equivalents by around 84% compared to existing diesel models.

Shutting down nuclear plants risks ‘greatest loss of clean power in history’

In a new letter to world leaders, a group of industry associations stresses without nuclear, progress on decarbonisation will ‘backslide’ and the carbon intensity of energy generation will begin to rise

National Grid adopts power flow tech to free up 1.5GW of new network capacity

The innovative project will help overcome grid constraint bottlenecks by intelligently routing power, allowing use of the existing network to be maximised

CBI: ‘Businesses are responsible for reducing employees’ transport emissions’

The membership organisation emphasises that decarbonising the journeys of commuters is vital if the UK is to hit its net zero targets

‘The FNZ Standard has illuminated a clear path forwards to reduce emissions’

That’s the suggestion from Guy Atkins, Managing Director of Jo Bird & Company Ltd, who spoke to future Net Zero about how Balanced Energy helped accelerate the firm’s journey towards decarbonisation

HM Treasury and HMRC ‘don’t understand the environmental impacts of taxes’

The Public Accounts Committee states: ‘The UK government has been blithely issuing ever more ambitious climate targets for years now, with no sign of a roadmap to reach any of them’

Low temperature heating: A ‘no regrets’ step on the road to net zero

Heat pumps will play a primary role in the future heating market thanks to their high levels of efficiency and use of ever-greener electricity, says Heat Pump Association Chair Phil Hurley

‘Bitcoin miners to play key role in delivering an abundant, clean energy future’

Financial services company Square says bitcoin miners can act as a flexible load option to ease wind and solar deployment bottlenecks and drive down the cost of renewable energy

Mark Carney to head up Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero

The new forum will work to unite financial organisations under a single umbrella in the fight against climate change