New logistics deal brings 20 TfL’s hydrogen buses one step closer to London streets

Suttons Tankers has won a contract with Ryse Hydrogen for transporting bulk hydrogen gas from the North West to the capital

University of Sussex joins European research project to increase take-up of EVs

The eCharge4Drivers project aims to improve the EV charging experience within cities and for long journeys

Southampton Council offers free energy-saving lightbulbs to slash electricity bills and emissions

The local authority plans to install free LED lightbulbs in 100 council homes to help the area achieve its sustainability goals

‘In 2019 the world generated almost 54 million metric tonnes of electronic waste’

The total weight of global electrical and electronic equipment consumption increases annually by 2.5 million metric tonnes

McDonald’s launches plastic straws-to-swimwear project

The old iconic red-and-yellow plastic straws will be given a second life by being converted into women’s suit and men’s swim shorts made from upcycled fabric

Farmers in East Yorkshire seek to cut emissions with ‘cover crops’

Trials of an innovative project have shown plants, which are planted to cover the soil can sequester more than four tonnes of carbon every year

Allianz backs ‘Europe’s largest’ wood office campus with €200m

Five of the seven buildings will be constructed primarily from cross-laminated timber and will meet the highest environmental standards

Carbon dioxide
IEA: ‘Without a major acceleration of innovative clean energy technologies, net zero targets will not be achievable’

Almost 35% of the total CO2 emissions reductions come from technologies, which are at the early stages of development, according to a new report

Sydney’s local authority switches to 100% renewables

A total of 115 buildings, including libraries, office buildings, parks and street lights will be powered by wind and solar power

National Grid pledges to stop adding new petrol and diesel cars to fleet in 2027

The electricity system operator has also committed to fuelling the entire fleet with cleaner fuel sources by 2030