Centrica Business Solutions scoops Jaguar Land Rover supplier excellence award

Annual Supplier Excellence Awards underline extraordinary contribution by supply chain Centrica one of 13 suppliers recognised for their outstanding performance

Your business guide to pursuing net zero

Accelerate a sustainable energy pathway for your business

Podcast: Dispelling EV myths with Centrica’s Head of Fleet Partnerships

Are EVs more expensive? Do they really take all day to charge? If you use a car wash are you in for a shocking surprise?

Centrica introduces ‘virtual fuel card’ for electric fleet charging

A new app developed by the energy solutions company, aimed at fleet drivers, acts as a virtual fuel card and makes it possible to plug in to any standard charger

Impact of Covid-19 on the EV market

Carl Bayliss, vice president and mobility & home energy management at Centrica explores how the EV market has been affected by the pandemic.

On Demand Webinar: How to build an effective carbon reduction strategy

Discover best practices for diagnosing energy-related issues and building a carbon-reduction plan that overcomes those issues and seizes new opportunities

Centrica supports government bringing forward petrol and diesel ban to 2030 to encourage EV uptake

Amanda Stretton, Centrica Sustainable Transport Editor, said: ‘EVs remain more expensive than petrol and diesel equivalents, so we are pleased to see further initiatives from the government in order to make the transition more affordable for all’

Webinar: Building an integrated energy strategy for net zero

In case you missed this live webinar, you can catch up here

The synergistic potential of connected cars and connected homes

In an increasingly connected world powered by smart technologies and data ubiquity we are moving towards a new era of connectivity encompassing phones, cars, homes and everything in between. This trend is only likely to accelerate…

Redesigning electric vehicle ownership

Join Amanda Stretton, Sustainable Transport Editor at Centrica, as she explores this new partnership with Uday Senapati, Executive Director, Corporate Strategy & Product Management at Lotus, and Carl Bayliss, VP, Mobility and HEM at Centrica