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Energy Live News (ELN) is the leader in energy news and information. In our view energy is a subject of global significance and vital economic and political importance. But it’s complicated, very complicated.

So we make energy easy.

Our aim is to explain the business of energy to everyone from the CEO of a multi-national corporation to the person who changes the light bulbs in your office. If you deal in the business of energy we communicate the issues that matter to you.

Or if you are simply interested in energy or campaign on issues around it, perhaps you are a student thinking of a career in energy, our content will help you learn and understand the energy industry today and tomorrow.

Launched in 2010 we started with a simple vision to cover energy across the board, fossil fuels or renewables, nuclear or cleantech using daily text stories produced by a team of in house journalists and broadcast quality tv reports. We are now the leading daily energy news site in the UK.

We bring the news to you wherever it is happening. We are independent, fair and engaging and listen to all voices across the sector. We are leaders in online TV for the energy sector and we bring you interviews and interesting filmed stories from across the UK and abroad and very proud to have won the Best Journalism prize at the 2012 Scottish Green Energy Awards.

Our mission is to give you balanced news, analysis, commentary of energy and to ensure that we do, we have a dedicated team of quality journalists and production staff.

The stories that the team produce are geared principally towards business energy users. Analysis of our database of subscribed readers shows they enjoy reading and watching our content centred around;

•    Energy pricing & procurement
•    Energy policy & legislation
•    Energy efficiency
•    Sustainability & the green agenda

Each written story that we produce tends to be 100-400 words and is written in such a way that is easily digestible and easy to understand. (Our editor believes that “less is more”). Our team produces ten stories each day and sometimes more if there is a big breaking issue to cover. They actually newsgather, so they don’t sit in an office re-hashing press releases, they are seen at industry conferences, events and at Parliament interviewing the biggest names in energy.

We also produce high quality TV pieces. Through our editor Sumit Bose’s decades of experience at the BBC we are able to deliver great quality, editorially independent short films for an audience of energy professionals. We tend to do on average around three of these a week and they are a fantastic way of engaging with our audience. Our tv is not only award winning but also incredibly engaging and entertaining. We use the highest production values to bring the story of energy to life.

The final link in our media chain is interaction between our readers and members and we encourage this through webinars, seminars and other special events such as our very successful annual conference Energy Live which takes place every November and the Energy Live Consultancy Awards (or TELCAs), which take place in June. We can also create bespoke events for our partners which have been original and prove a fantastic return on investment.

The key to our success in all our events, has been our ability to organise well structured, highly appropriate content and get high profile speakers to whom energy professionals want to hear and ask questions.

We have a database of 30,000 + energy professionals that work for organisations that are large energy users and with whom we engage with weekly with the ELN news email. This is made up of:

•    25% energy buyers
•    75% energy managers
•    25% public sector
•    75% private sector

In the last 12 months, on the ELN website we have a monthly average of around 23,000 unique visitors to our website, a figure that continues to grow. Around 40% of these are confirmed I&C Energy users.

We also utilise social media to stay in touch with our readers. We use Twitter to notifying them of stories as they break, we have a facebook page which shares our more quirky content and opens up scope for debate and we use LinkedIn to stimulate discussions to our connections.

We are an accredited Google news site, which means we appear in the Google news feed. This has lead to a huge growth in numbers of readers who are not on our database.

We can help you in a number of ways. Our key specialisations are

  • Market intelligence
  • Professionalising content
  • Lead generation
  • Brand awareness
  • Targeted messaging

If you would like to know more, please call Geoff Curran on 020 8815 9222 or email at [email protected].

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