Our ambition is simple. We believe that in order for the UK to reach net zero emissions by the mid-century, we need to support businesses that will create products and services and continue to contribute to the economy to enable us all to live a better, more sustainable life that is less damaging to the planet.

Businesses must now upscale their ambitions and roles in reducing emissions from hard-to-decarbonise sectors, undoubtedly with the deployment of negative emissions technology. Reaching net zero will require a paradigm change and businesses must now acknowledge these systemic shifts and the impact of such on their future operations and strategies.

We believe businesses must come together, share insights, successes and failures to ensure that together we can confidently head towards a more sustainable mid-century. The more businesses share through their reporting and external communications, the more visible they will be to policymakers, customers and employees. Strong climate policies give companies and their stakeholders the clarity and confidence they need to invest at scale in low carbon options.

The mission of future Net Zero is to:-

  • demonstrate to the public the commitments that organisations are taking in a positive light as we all try to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • engage and inform clients, prospects and supply chain providers what businesses are doing on the pathway to net zero.
  • educate and train along the carbon reduction journey to enable others to follow.
  • and finally, inspire others to work towards a zero carbon future, driving innovation and collaboration.

future Net Zero is the place for businesses to collaborate, to inform the debate and to engage with audiences. With a proven news pedigree and through a mix of news, broadcast TV and radio, partner content and opinion, we engage with the business community big and small, politicians, academics, environmentalists and campaigners and other interested parties, so we can all understand and make the incremental changes together to get to zero emissions.

Our site is free to access and generates revenue from funding from partners and supporters. However we pride ourselves on being independent and will report fairly and accurately even on organisations that may have a commercial relationship with us. Our ambition is to become the business place where you can not only share ideas and learn but also influence future policy and innovation.

Please join us in this journey towards better business, driving the change to make a better planet.

Sumit Bose & Geoff Curran, Founders