Thursday 1 February 2024

Heat pump chiefs urge EU action

Heat pump chiefs urge EU action

Sixty one leaders in the heat pump industry are expressing concern that a delay in the EU Heat Pump Action Plan poses a significant threat to a net zero European industry.

They caution that this delay jeopardises the €7 billion (£5.9bn) investments planned in the sector for 2022-2025, potentially impacting the 160,000 jobs currently existing in Europe's heat pump sector and hindering future growth.

The heat pump sector, acknowledged by the European Commission as pivotal for Europe's energy independence, faces challenges with the postponement of the EU Heat Pump Action Plan, originally scheduled for early 2024.

Recent data indicates a decline in heat pump sales at the end of 2023, attributed to policy changes, consumer and manufacturer confidence issues and a decrease in gas prices, making heat pumps less financially appealing.

In contrast, other regions, including the US and Asia are increasing their support for heat pump technologies.

The leaders are urging the EU Commission to promptly publish the Action Plan to provide a clear policy direction and promote measures to enhance affordability.

They emphasise that a swift release of the plan is crucial to bolster confidence among consumers, decision makers and the industry, maximising and multiplying the investments already made.

Martin Forsén, President of the European Heat Pump Association, said: "The European Commission’s decision to slam on the brakes on its Action Plan - just as other world regions accelerate their support - is the exact opposite of what’s needed.

"Today industry leaders call for swift publication of the Plan, to put Europe on track for energy independence and net zero competitiveness."

Written by

Sumit Bose

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