Wednesday 31 January 2024

CCC: UK climate ambition criticised for “mixed messages”

CCC: UK climate ambition criticised for “mixed messages”

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) has today warned that mixed messages, including new fossil fuel projects and adjustments to net zero policies, have adversely affected the UK's international climate standing.

Despite enforcing initiatives like the zero emissions vehicle mandate, the government is urged to address credibility issues by swiftly tackling emission gaps, according to the CCC.

The committee stresses urgency in meeting the 2030 emission reduction targets and calls for transparent measures to demonstrate climate leadership.

Additionally, adaptation efforts, including updating the National Adaptation Programme, are highlighted as crucial in aligning with global goals.

Piers Forster, Interim Chair of the Climate Change Committee said: "The UK played an important role in this hard-fought COP28 outcome. We may be further into the decarbonisation journey than many nations, but the obligation on every country is now to push even harder.

"This also frames the economic challenge for the UK. We must rapidly replace fossil fuels with low-carbon alternatives to get back on track to meet our 2030 goal.

"The UK could set a powerful example of tackling climate change and reducing our insecurity to climate impacts. The new global adaptation framework goes further than our own so I urge the government to lean into its global role with an even stronger demonstration of domestic ambition."

A government spokesperson told Energy Live News: "We welcome the Climate Change Committee’s recognition of the UK’s pivotal role at COP28 and our strength in climate diplomacy as a leader in Global Stocktake negotiations.

"The UK is leading international action, delivering an agreement to transition away from fossil fuels and as one of the largest contributors to the loss and damage fund.

"We are the first major economy to halve our emissions, have some of the world’s most ambitious legally binding targets, and have over delivered on every carbon budget to date, while our significant investment in the UK’s world leading clean energy sector – with 40% of our electricity now renewable compared to just 7% in 2010 – is bolstering our energy security."

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Sumit Bose

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