Tuesday 9 January 2024

Major battery storage park in Scottish Highlands

Major battery storage park in Scottish Highlands

Renewable energy consultancy Natural Power has been chosen by Green Switch Capital to provide Section 36 consenting support for a 249.9MW battery energy storage park near Lairg in the Scottish Highlands.

The project aligns with National Grid's target of achieving 50 GW of battery storage by 2050 and supports Scotland's transition to a low-carbon energy system.

Natural Power will offer a range of services, including site investigations and community engagement, to facilitate the proposed development that includes connections to Dalchork substation (200 MW) and Lairg GSP (49.9 MW).

Alison Sidgwick, Director of Onshore Consenting and Environment at Natural Power, said: "Energy storage facilities are crucial as the UK scales up secure, clean, affordable renewable energy production.

"The continued development of such projects further strengthens energy security by providing grid balancing support to ensure energy produced, for example during extended windy periods, can be stored and used when needed."

Written by

Sumit Bose

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