New UK planning rules to boost solar rollout and slash energy bills

The changes in permitted development rights aim to simplify the process, reducing delays and costs associated with planning applications

Big Zero Report 2023

Homeowners and businesses will face fewer planning delays in installing rooftop solar panels under new rules, cutting red tape and supporting the government’s net zero ambitions.

Changes to permitted development rights will streamline the process, allowing more properties to install solar panels without navigating the planning system.

The move aims to reduce waiting times and additional costs associated with planning applications, making it more enticing for individuals and businesses to adopt solar energy solutions.

The revised rules extend to flat-roofed homes, aligning their permissions with those for businesses. Additionally, the one-megawatt restriction for industrial rooftop solar in business applications will be eliminated.

The government encourages the use of already developed land for solar panels, facilitating installations in canopies above car parks.

Housing and Planning Minister Lee Rowley said: “By cutting red tape in the planning system we can make sure homeowners and businesses can install solar panels without being held up by costly delays.”

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