British Gas collaborates with NatWest to launch Home Energy Hub

The partnership aims to assist homeowners in understanding their homes’ carbon footprint and implementing energy efficient measures

Big Zero Report 2023

British Gas has partnered with NatWest to launch the ‘Home Energy Hub,’ a digital platform aimed at helping UK homeowners understand their home carbon footprint and make sustainable changes.

The platform connects users with trusted partners to identify energy-efficient upgrades, estimate costs and explore financing options.

NatWest’s research indicates that 66% of UK homeowners plan sustainability upgrades in the next decade, with cost being a significant barrier.

Gail Parker, Low Carbon Homes Director at British Gas said: “To help decarbonise homes in the UK, it’s important that people get accessible, clear advice and guidance on how to lower emissions and make savings on energy bills.”

Lloyd Cochrane, Head of Mortgages at NatWest said: “In order for people to realise the potential benefits and confidently undertake work to their homes, it’s incredibly important that we’re able to provide viable solutions to these property owners.”

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