White paper: Supply Chain Decarbonization – Establishing a Successful Decarbonisation Program

For many global supply chain owners, the process of addressing supply chain emissions can seem daunting

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Largely due to:

  • The sheer number of suppliers and the typically global and complex nature of supply chains
  • Varying levels of expertise, sustainability maturity, commitment, and willingness from suppliers to engage on sustainability topics
  • Limited supply chain visibility and transparency

A Framework for Supplier Engagement

Taking a strategic, systematic approach to engaging suppliers can help businesses break down the complex challenges of supply chain engagement into manageable and practical initiatives.

Because each supply chain is unique, supplier engagement programs should be customized to meet the specific needs of supply chain owners and their broad range of suppliers.

A new white paper published by Edison Energy,  Alfa Energy’s parent company, delves into the framework for supplier engagement and explores why the three pillars of data, education and engagement, and implementation is the most successful way forward to establishing a successful supply chain decarbonization program.

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