OVO vows to slash carbon offsetting and achieve net zero by 2035

The energy supplier has committed to limit its reliance on carbon offsetting to just 10% of its emissions

Big Zero Report 2023

OVO has committed to reducing its dependence on carbon offsets to only 10% of its total emissions.

Carbon offsets are being replaced with actions that directly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, especially in homes and transportation, such as energy-efficient measures and products.

In a previous move, OVO shifted away from REGOs earlier this year, addressing concerns related to greenwashing in the energy retail market.

The company aims to offer more transparent reporting on its social impact.

OVO’s progress toward net zero includes a 36% reduction in its overall carbon footprint since 2018, with most of its offices powered by renewable energy.

Initiatives like “Power Moves” have enabled the shift of 71,000kWh of power usage in homes to greener times, benefiting customers by nearly £150,000 in total.

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