Monday 9 October 2023

UK considers local benefits for wind farm support

UK considers local benefits for wind farm support

Ministers are reportedly considering a new approach to encourage the construction of onshore wind farms in the UK.

Under these plans, communities would have the option to request new local amenities, such as GP or nurseries, in return for their consent to build a wind farm nearby.

The proposals have emerged from a recent consultation on how communities can directly benefit from wind farm projects.

While previous discussions had focused on offering households up to £350 a year off their energy bills as an incentive, the government is now exploring the possibility of providing community benefits.

A Cabinet source explained, "We're looking at money off people's bills because that's what people tell us they would prefer. But we are also considering consulting on local projects. So if you agreed to a wind farm, you could request a new nursery if that's what the community needs."

ELN understands that no final decisions have been made and the possibility of bill reductions remains under consideration.

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Sumit Bose

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