Tuesday 3 October 2023

UK aims to reduce red tape for business solar panels

UK aims to reduce red tape for business solar panels

Energy Security and Net Zero Secretary Claire Coutinho unveiled plans to streamline regulations and cut red tape for businesses seeking to install solar panels on their rooftops.

The move aims to encourage and facilitate the adoption of solar energy among commercial enterprises.

The key aspect of the Energy Secretary's announcement at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester is the commitment to simplify the bureaucratic process for businesses looking to harness solar power.

Currently, there are numerous regulations and permitting requirements that can make it challenging and time-consuming for companies to undertake such installations.

By reducing these barriers, the government hopes to incentivise more businesses to embrace solar energy.

In her address, Ms Coutinho emphasised the need for these changes, stating, "We are therefore working to reduce pressure on rural communities, by making it easier for solar panels to be installed on industrial rooftops, warehouses, car parks, and factories.

"We’ll cut through the planning red tape that limits the amount of solar businesses can currently install."

Written by

Sumit Bose

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