Smart energy scheme to support vulnerable customers

The government has launched the “Inclusive Smart Solutions Programme” with £2.75 million in funding to support low income consumers in the transition to a flexible energy system

Big Zero Report 2023

The government-backed “Inclusive Smart Solutions Programme,” with a budget of £2.75 million, is set to address the challenges faced by low income and vulnerable (LIV) consumers in the transition to a smart and flexible energy system.

Energy Systems Catapult will spearhead the initiative aimed at ensuring that LIV consumers can actively participate in the evolving energy landscape.

In the dynamic landscape of innovative energy products and services, there is a concern that they may inadvertently create new hurdles or exacerbate existing barriers for LIV consumers.

These challenges could potentially limit their engagement in a smart, flexible energy system, hindering their access to its benefits.

Energy Systems Catapult will collaborate with the Carbon Trust and Ipsos in delivering the Inclusive Smart Solutions (ISS) programme.

The ISS programme will unfold in two phases spanning from September 2023 to March 2025.

Phase 1 will leverage consumer insights to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and barriers faced by LIV consumers.

This research will inform the development of innovative solutions tailored to their requirements.

Becky Sweeney, Business Leader – Homes, at Energy Systems Catapult, said: “As the UK transitions to a smart, flexible energy system, LIV consumers face challenges and barriers to participation that many of us will not experience.”

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